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Things to Know When Hiring A Roofing Company

It’s puzzling when you have to hire a roofing company. Most people are unaware of what questions to ask. We are all not experts when it comes to repairing our roof. Too many of us think it’s an easy job where we could probably handle it ourselves. This is never a good idea as you always want a professional who knows what they’re doing. Here are some things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.


When thinking about hiring a roofing business or roofing contractor, look at how many years of experience they have. This way you know they are capable of handling the job. The more experience the better the outcome of the project. You can learn a thing or two from a roofer who’s worked on several homes. They are more likely to share tips and give valuable suggestions when it comes to dealing with your roof throughout the year. Either way, they possess the knowledge and know-how to approach a job in the correct manner. Years of experience in the industry says they keep customers happy and they continue to come back. Try to find the business with at least three years’ experience under their belt.


Examine the professionalism of the company, and how good they are at roof repair. You should expect them to have the appropriate tools, and equipment to scale your roof. They should greet you professionally, and offer to give you an estimate. Further, they should wear either a company uniform with a name tag or clothes that fit the job. Professionalism gives the customer confidence they are dealing with an expert. Never allow someone to show up at your door looking untidy. They must represent their business at all times in their demeanor, and how they engage with customers. The business must also have a support line you can call once the work is finished.

Previous Work

Most websites that offer services will have a dedicated page that shows their previous work. Take the time to look at photos or video clips of what they performed for other customers. You might learn they’ve won several awards for their work. This is very encouraging, and says a lot about the business. It also may reveal a quote from other customers who are happy with their repair. This is good to see, and it tells you they do impressive and satisfying work. When you can see their previous work, you know they are highly skilled at their jobs.


Before any repair begins, make sure the contractor or company has a license. This is very important as the installation of a roof is dangerous. Most states will require that they have a license to work on any home. It’s up to you as the homeowner to ask for this paperwork. You can also use the internet and search through a professional roofing association website. This is a great place to start way before any hammering begins on your roof. Find out what kind of license they need to have for your particular area. Don’t hesitate to make copies of their license as well.


All roofers must have insurance. This can get tricky as it’s possible to come across some contractors who might not tell you until it’s too late. Demand to see their insurance papers before signing off on a final contract. Insurance is the best way to protect yourself in case a roofer falls off your home, and you end up being liable. Make copies of their insurance paperwork, and keep in a safe file at home.

These are some of the things to know when hiring a company for your roof. Consider how many years of experience they have. Try to work with those who have at least 3 to five years in the industry. Make sure they are dressed professionally when they arrive at your door. They should have a truck and uniform that displays the company’s name. Go to their website and review their previous work. You might learn they are a leader in the community with several roofing awards. A license is required to do any type of roof repair at your house. Ask to see the documents. This is also the same when wondering if they have insurance. No business or contractor should ever start any job on your home without a license and insurance. Never allow this to happen or it could cost you down the road.